Velocity Sports Ltd offer a comprehensive design service being able to take your enquiry from the initial contact or concept through to a completed facility.

Having a pool of resources which enables us to carry out a variety of site surveys and expertise in geotechnical analysis, civil engineering, topography, agronomy, SUDS, drainage systems, environmental impact, floodlighting systems, noise impact and planning.

Velocity Sports are well equipped to develop and deliver a design high quality design package.

Why is correct design so important?

A professional design process is key because:

  • It takes into account your site conditions and allows meaningful cost analysis.

  • Ensures facilities remain fit for purpose in the long term.

  • Helps clients achieve best value for their budget.

  • Allows stakeholders to understand and review how the new facility will be used.

  • Helps customers ensure their project meets the relevant governing body standards.

  • Means project teams can make informed choices about key aspects.

  • Helps to manage end user expectations.

Professional and competent design is a key ingredient to any successful sports facility development.